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Acupuncture Awareness Week 6th-12th March 2017

To celebrate Acupuncture Awareness Week, Emma Eaton who runs a busy acupuncture practice in The Treatment Room outlines why you should think about trying it.

Acupuncture is widely considered to be beneficial for a variety of symptoms resulting from illness and clearly defined complaints, as well as improving general wellbeing and promoting relaxation. In a day I can help patients with a range of problems both acute and chronic including sleeping, anxiety, musculoskeletal pain (knees, hips or back), digestive problems, headaches, migraines or trying to get pregnant. Mainly most reasons you would go to your GP.

It can be very effective on its own and is also often integrated with conventional medical treatment. A good example of how beautifully they work together is the support given to couples on Assisted Fertility programmes such as IVF. In fact, a study has found Acupuncture can double the success rate of IVF (Zita West, 2016).

One of the most popular myths surrounding Acupuncture is the size of the needle used in treatment. Research shows that 21% of the British public think an Acupuncturist’s needle is as large as that used in an injection. In reality, the needles I use are as fine as a human hair and some are just 0.13mm in length. And while most people might experience a slight tingling sensation when the needle is inserted, it is nothing like the pain of being given an injection.

The great thing about Acupuncture is that it aims to prompt the body to do what it knows how to do. You, as an individual, are the focus of all treatments. The aim is to treat any immediate health problems and understand the underlying root cause.

If you think Acupuncture might be able to help you, give me a call on 07821 590287 or visit my website.

The Treatment Room offers a wide range of therapies including massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, osteopathy and MLD. Further details of practitioners and how to book can be found here. We also have a host of other wellbeing activities at The Medicine Garden including Mindfulness Workshops, Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi.