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Hot yoga. The power of sweat.

Hot yoga teacher Luma Zaki explains the benefits

Luma Zaki is a highly respected hot yoga, Ashtanga and yoga for athletes instructor. She teaches six classes weekly here at The Medicine Garden. We caught up with her after a particularly sweaty hot yoga class to find out why we should all join ‘The Sweat Set’.

Sweat. For most people the word has negative connotations. But the benefits of sweating during exercise, like hot yoga, might change your mind. Sweat is a powerful reaction to physical exertion. It’s a clear sign that you are working hard and pushing your physical limits. Take a look at the list of benefits below and chances are you won’t be wiping away your perspiration so fast the next time you start to glow….

Heals wounds

Releases toxins

Acts as a natural antibiotic

Helps prevent kidney stones

Cleanses the body of environmental pollutants

Produces more endorphins

Relieves pain

Keeps your pores clean and prevents break outs

Hot Yoga classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in The Dome from 9.30-10.45am.

PLUS Holistic Yoga… Perfect for toning and stretching and for a happy mind

Holistic Yoga is a wonderful way to build stamina, increase flexibility, build strength, reduce stress and exhaustion and deeply relax the body and mind. Classes are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11am-12pm in The Dome.