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Mindfulness and Healing Classes Autumn 2016

As the autumn term gets underway and the school children fall back into familiar, day to day routines. Do something different this season to support your wellbeing and take you on a new, mindful learning journey that could change the way you respond to stress and life’s daily challenges.

Our resident mindfulness practitioner will be back at the garden this Autumn with a range of classes and workshops for everyone to experience a practical session in mindfulness, whether you are beginner wanting to try some taster classes, or you are looking to absorb yourself on a wellbeing workshop event. SamMantra will also be teaming up with a number of experts, including coaching psychologist, Lauretta Cundy from Mad About My Life, to offer a new mindful parenting course this term.

Backed up by neuroscientific research mindfulness is a powerful tool that allows us to respond in new ways to many stressful and challenging situations in our lives. Through the practice of mindfulness we are able to learn to live more fully in the present moment, to cultivate awareness in our minds and bodies,  to make wise choices and to respond differently and creatively to live a healthier, happier life.

Taster Classes in Mindfulness

Are you looking to improve your overall wellbeing and learn more about your mind and body connection, in order to support your emotional and physical health? Have you considered how mindfulness can help? Each class costs £15 each. Book all three classes as a taster course for a discounted price of £40.

Introduction to Mindfulness

Friday 30th Sept or Friday 14th Oct
Be guided by Sam Weerasinghe, a trained mindfulness practitioner, through some simple everyday exercises to bring a greater sense of awareness and stillness to your life. Open to all, no previous experience required.

Mindful Eating Mindful Living

Friday 7th Oct or Friday 4th Nov
This class is designed to make you look at what and how you eat in a mindful way. We often turn to food to comfort our moods and stress. Sam Weerasinghe, a mindfulness practitioner, will guide you through a series of informal exercises that will support healthier eating patterns in your life. This class also includes a mindful walk around the garden’s medicine wheel and some recipes from creative nutritionist Belinda Blake Dip ION, mBANT, CNHC from Eat Yourself Fabulous.

Mindful Movement

Friday 14th Oct or Friday 4th Nov
Through gentle yoga poses and breath work enjoy the healing benefits of mind and body movement with trained mindfulness practitioner, Sam Weerasinghe. Mindful movement is about cultivating moment to moment awareness. This class is ideal for relieving stress and bringing physical and emotional balance into your everyday life. Suitable for all beginners and those with experience of yoga movement.

New Mindful Parenting Programme

Friday 21st Oct, 11th, 18th, 25th Nov and Friday 2nd Dec
£35 per session, including a free introductory class
SamMantra is delighted to announce they will be teaming up with coaching psychologist Lauretta Cundy, from Mad About My Life, to offer a new mindful parenting course this term. Run over 4 weeks, this programme is designed to offer parents the cognitive tools and support to navigate challenging moments with their children, whether they are at an early school age, or late teens. (The course is not designed for any specific age group). Through a series of practical coaching classes, including guided mindfulness exercises, parents will learn how to be more present with their children, connect creatively and respond rather than react to everyday stress in family life. Come to our free introduction session on Friday 21st October at 10.30am to meet the coaches and find out about the programme and its content. To sign up to the full programme it’s important to attend this introductory session. Please note that spaces are limited to 10 places. The programme includes handouts on course content and practical mindful living tools and refreshments. At the end of the programme participants will have time for reflection and review with the coaches.

Wildflowers Mindfulness Workshop

Saturday 19th Nov
This season’s creative mindfulness workshop turns to the art of floristry and how the wild flowers and herbs that grow in our gardens and countryside deserve our attention. Flowers act as a reminder of how nature’s beauty is truly a gift that can help us cultivate gratitude and appreciation in our day to day life. Fabienne Egger, florist and teacher, will share her passion and knowledge of flowers, working alongside mindfulness teacher, Sam Weerasinghe. Be guided through a morning of creative flower arranging exercises and mindful practice, designed to help centre your attention and focus your mind. Enjoy a mindful walk around the garden’s medicine wheel and have a go at making your own herbal teas to help relieve stress and bring calm and stillness to your life. Open to all beginners and those with an interest in the natural healing benefits of wild herbs and flowers. The price of the workshop includes homemade restorative teas, floral garlands to decorate your home with and handouts packed with mindful living tips. Open to all, no previous experience required. This workshop is limited to 8 places so please book early to avoid disappointment

About SamMantra

As a busy mum with a long professional career in the arts and business, I was all too used to feeling stressed out. In 2012, I signed up for a meditation course to bring some stillness to my over-active mind. I have not looked back and set up my company SamMantra – my mantra, to a healthier, happier me. Trained in the MBSR programme (mindful-based stress reduction), I adhere to the good practice guidelines for mindfulness teachers. I am passionate about working with a range of health and wellbeing experts on developing programmes and events that help eliminate the growing disease of stress in today’s society.  Our mission is simple: to work with individuals and groups in a way that allows them to find a sense of stillness in their lives; express their inner creativity; nurture their minds and bodies and learn to ‘just be in the moment’. For more information on our events and mindfulness practices please visit our Facebook page.