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Mindfulness and Healing Classes

mindfulness and healing

Are you looking to improve your overall wellbeing this year? It’s great to start your new year’s resolutions with exercise routines or diets to support your physical health but what about your emotional wellbeing? As humans, we learn to train our physical bodies to be healthy and fit. But do we listen to our minds, our bodies and our hearts?

Try something different this year to support your wellbeing that could change the way you respond to life’s daily stresses.

Our resident mindfulness practitioner SamMantra, is offering a range of taster classes and workshops designed to give you an insight into everyday mindfulness practices, whether you are a beginner wanting to try some taster classes, or you are looking to absorb yourself on a wellbeing workshop event or course.

Find out how everyday mindfulness practices can help nourish you and stop the stress-reaction cycle in your life.

Neuroscience research has shown that regular mindfulness practice can help reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. Mindfulness gives us the chance to pause and live more fully in the present moment, to make wise choices in life, and become more resilient in the face of day to day challenges.

Returning with SamMantra this season is medical herbalist, Janine Gerhart from Roots of Nature. Book your place on their herb walk and mindfulness workshop, designed to re-energise you to robust health this winter. The mindful parenting programme will also be back with coaching psychologist, Lauretta Cundy. This practical programme provides parents with the essential tools to connect creatively with their children and respond rather than react to everyday stress in family life.

What is mindfulness?

To be mindful is to be very much aware of your thoughts, bodily sensations and emotions, it is not, as is commonly thought, about emotionally zoning out to calm our over active minds from life’s daily stresses. In fact, mindfulness allows us to tune in; to engage our senses and cultivate an awareness of how the mind and body connects with each other. So, like going to the gym, mindfulness is a form of mind fitness to greater health and wellbeing.

Sign up for three Friday classes from a range of dates listed below, including an introduction to mindfulness class, a mindful eating and mindful movement class. Each class costs £16 each. Book all three classes as a taster course for a discounted price of £44.

A Practical Introduction to Mindfulness

Friday 27th January, Friday 3rd February or Friday 3rd March
£16.00 per person
Be guided by Sam Weerasinghe, a trained mindfulness practitioner, through some simple everyday exercises to bring a greater sense of awareness and stillness to your life. Open to all, no previous experience required. Book now.

Mindful Eating Mindful Living

Friday 10th February, or Friday 10th March
£16.00 per person
This class is designed to make you look at what and how you eat in a mindful way. We often turn to food to comfort our moods and stress. Sam Weerasinghe, a mindfulness practitioner, will guide you through a series of informal exercises that will support healthier eating patterns in your life. This class also includes a mindful walk around the garden’s medicine wheel and some recipes from creative nutritionist, Belinda Blake, Dip ION, from Eat Yourself Fabulous. Book now.

Mindful Movement

Friday 3rd February, Friday 24th February or Friday 17th March
£16.00 per person
Connecting the Mind and Body in Movement. Through gentle yoga poses and breath work enjoy the healing benefits of mind and body movement with trained mindfulness practitioner, Sam Weerasinghe. Mindful movement is about cultivating moment to moment awareness. This class is ideal for relieving stress and bringing physical and emotional balance into your everyday life. Suitable for all beginners & those with experience of yoga movement. Book now.

The workshops were extremely well organised and set in the calm, welcoming and peaceful atmosphere of The Medicine Garden in Cobham. During each workshop Sam guided us through various practices where among other skills we were introduced to breathing that helped calm and focus the mind and movement that connected thought to functional action. My personal favourite was the Mindful walking practice during which we were encouraged to use all our senses to enhance the experience. At each workshop, I felt I was in the hands of a well-qualified and professional teacher.

Mindful Parenting Programme

After positive feedback from our inaugural programme last autumn, the mindful parenting course returns to the gardens this year.

Come to our free introduction sessions on Thursday 26th January at 10:30 or Friday 27th January at 13:00 to meet the coaches and find out about the programme and its content. To sign up to the full programme it’s important to attend these hour-long introductory sessions.

Please note that spaces are limited to ten places. The cost of the programme includes refreshments and course materials with week-by-week teaching content and exercises with practical mindful living tools. At the end of the programme participants will have time for reflection and review with the coaches.

Mindful Parenting

Thursday 23rd February and 2nd, 9th, 16th, 30th March
£45.00 per session including free introductory class
Designed to help parents navigate through the challenges of family life, this programme is made up of five practical coaching sessions that use cognitive and mindfulness tools to help parents learn how to be more present with their children, connect creatively and respond rather than react to everyday stress in family life. This programme is suitable for parents with children from an early school age to late teens. Book now.



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Energising Herb Walk and Mindfulness Workshop

Saturday 11th February
£55.00 per person
This season’s creative mindfulness workshop returns to the healing properties of nature to re-energise us for the new year ahead. Medical herbalist, Janine Gerhart MNIMH will guide you through the natural healing benefits of wild herbs and local flora. The price of the workshop includes a guided walk and hands on activities making healing herbs and remedies, including making your own herbal energizer and detox to help support you on your journey towards robust health and enhanced well-being. Natural herbs found in our gardens and the countryside around us act as a reminder of how nature’s beauty is truly a gift that can help us cultivate gratitude and appreciation in our day to day life. Enjoy a mindful walk around the garden’s medicine wheel and simple mindful practices on the theme of nature, beauty and gratitude with mindfulness teacher Sam Weerasinghe. Have go at making your own herbal teas and enjoy a tea meditation practice to help relieve stress and bring calm and stillness to your life. All welcome, no previous experience required. This wellbeing workshop is limited to ten places so please book early to avoid disappointment. All refreshments, samples and recipes to take home are included in the cost of this event. Book now.

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Mindfulness Refresher Class

Saturday 18th March
£22 per person in advance or £25 on the day
Open to all who have attended SamMantra’s classes, courses or workshops, and to those who have completed a mindfulness course before or have their own meditation practice. This top up session is a chance to renew your practice during a mindful morning of shared stillness and reflection. It’s not always easy to keep the practice going after finishing a mindfulness course, so this class offers a chance to refresh your practice alongside others. Bring along a yoga mat, blanket and warm clothes, as this session will include breath work, sitting meditation, mindful movement and a silent garden walk. Refreshments are also included in the cost of the class. Please book to avoid disappointment. Book now.

Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos – the trees, the clouds, everything.

Thich Nhat Hanh

About SamMantra

As a busy mum with a long professional career in the arts and business, I was all too used to feeling stressed out. In 2012, I signed up for a meditation course to bring some stillness to my over-active mind. I have not looked back and set up my company SamMantra – my mantra, to a healthier, happier me.

Trained in the MBSR programme (mindful-based stress reduction), I adhere to the good practice guidelines for mindfulness teachers.

I am passionate about working with a range of health and wellbeing experts on developing programmes and events that help eliminate the growing disease of stress in today’s society.  Our mission is simple: to work with individuals and groups in a way that allows them to find a sense of stillness in their lives, express their inner creativity, nurture their minds and bodies and learn to ‘just be in the moment’.

For more information on our events and mindfulness practices please visit our Facebook page or email us.