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Seen our new garden?

How a potential disaster shaped our latest design

Last spring, we had a major re-shuffle in the beds of the main garden. Unfortunately all the sage plants caught sage blight and died, so we removed the dead plants and consequently had to move the lavender as it no longer made any sense in the position it was planted. The lavender plants now create a hedge around the edge of the circular pathway and despite the move they are all doing well.

Having made the changes, we were then left with a huge vacuous space in the middle of the beds to fill. A job for our garden fairies: Amanda and Sarah! These amazing ladies have taken on the mantle of looking after the garden for the past year. They designed and worked out numbers for new planting as well as clearing the beds, keeping them weeded, adding compost, organising all the new plants and supervising our lovely volunteers.

A good proportion of the beds were re-planted last spring and more have just been completed. We have now put in over 2000 new plants mainly herbaceous plants and grasses that give a superb display of colour all the way from early spring right through to late autumn.

The new scheme is essentially a contemporary herbaceous boarder using robust plants that not only need little watering, but can also take a bit of trampling on from stray children. The result is fantastic and, although stunning from all angles, it’s only fully appreciated if you walk the perimeter path and take a close look. Our hope is to propagate some of the plants we have used and sell them from next season onwards in The Garden Shop.

Keep watching as more things pop up next spring.