The Art Shed

An award-winning co-operative of local artists

Housed in what was once a root shed, The Art Shed is manned by all the artists whose amazing work you’ll find within. Paintings, sculpture, jewellery, photography, glassware and more. Unique and affordable. Drop by and you may even find one of those artists producing a piece of art right there and then.

Naomi Beevers – Textile Art

Naomi is a textile and mixed media artist looking at the sunny side of life.  She uses domestic items with a history and reimagines them as something new. Her current work features familiar garden birds and seaside fish.

Sophie de Taranto – Jewellery

Sophie creates jewellery using tiny original photographs as the centrepieces. All the images are her own photography, sometimes work from her portfolio and sometimes taken for use within a particular piece. The photographs are chosen carefully, looking for strong pattern or silhouette, as not every image has impact on a small scale. Her favourite subject matter is birds, however she takes inspiration from many different places and her work includes imagery from both the natural world and urban settings.

John Falzon – Photography
Claire Hardwick – Marbling and Contemporary Art

Claire trained in traditional methods at the Hampstead School of Decorative Arts. Projects include painting trompe l’oeil ceilings in Muscat, Oman and marbling grand columns at the Waldorf Astoria, London. Her work also includes architectural stone finishes, wood graining, antiquing and gilding. Claire is also an artist and originates her work on canvas, screens and board.

Pratima Kramer – Mixed Media and Ceramics

Pratima aims to visually transcribe her inspirations through incorporating references from travelling and experiences of her rich and vibrant Indian heritage. Every piece fundamentally manifests a vast array of colours, textures and images that she hopes emulate a strong sense of identity as well as celebrating ‘happy accidents’ she encounters through experimentation.

Jo Mabbutt – Decorative Art

Jo specialises in experimental surface decoration combining gilding, hand printing and painting. She brings new life to vintage lace and crochet to create contemporary framed pieces, jewellery, fashion and interior accessories, cards and Christmas decorations. She works on a variety of surfaces from paper to textiles to glass and also collaborates with other designers who use her materials in clothing and accessories.

Oorla Morgan – Jewellery

Oorla makes contemporary jewellery in sterling silver, gold fill and beautiful gemstones from Jaipur. Her work is inspired by colour, pattern and texture in the natural world and the jewellery of ancient civilisations. Every piece is handmade in her studio near Hampton Court or here in the Art Shed.

Sue Roche - Photography

Specialising in quirky, alternative views of people, architecture and landscape, Sue is inspired by new environments and good light. She presents her images as mounted and framed photographic prints, photographs printed directly onto aluminium and mixed media. As a member of The Royal Photographic Society she gained a Licentiateship with dramatic seascapes and an Associateship with evocative images of Venice.

Su Rogers - Ceramics

Since graduating ten years ago with BA (Hons) in 3DD/Ceramics, Su has developed a range of ceramics using a method called coiling. Coiling is where hand rolled “sausages” of clay are joined then smoothed with a metal kidney. Colour is created with “slip” and patterned using a sgraffito pen. She is inspired by Aztec and African cultures as well as the natural organic world we see about us.

JoJo Rowley – Ceramics

JoJo’s work is made from porcelain clay and is hand thrown on a potter’s wheel. She then either decorates the piece with a simple, vibrant glaze or alters the piece with perforations. The outer surface of her ceramics is often left unglazed allowing the user to connect with the eggshell like quality of the porcelain. All her pieces are food and dishwasher safe.

Terri Smart – Ceramics

Terri took up ceramics in 1990. The feel of the clay and her delight in making a structured piece out of a formless lump became more important as she became familiar with the medium. Her garden and surrounding fields are a constant source of inspiration. Most of her work is hand-built in textured stoneware clays, and decorated with coloured slips, oxides and glazes before firing.

Louisa Sullivan – Fused Glass

Louisa is a fused glass artist creating contemporary glass pieces for the modern home. Her work is inspired by fields and meadows. Pieces range in size from table coasters to large bespoke panels. Louisa uses glass powders, enamels and copper wire embedded within the glass to achieve a variety of textures and subtle hues. Louisa was nominated for Surrey Artist of the Year 2013.

Joe Szabo – Contemporary Glass

Joe creates 2D and 3D contemporary glass art. He loves sharp contrasts and enjoys stepping away from glass as the primary medium and combining it with other media, such as metal and ceramic. The sea is a source of inspiration for him. He also likes to make pieces that have a historic or art based theme.

Linda Walsh – Textile Art

Linda makes textile art pieces for the wall; both framed and free-hanging. She loves to stitch and find the movement of needle and thread through fabric an absorbing occupation. She enjoys creating rich, textured and subtly coloured surfaces using dyed fabric, paper and chiffons. Patterns, natural and manmade, are frequent elements of her work. Recent pieces have featured manipulated photographs, printed onto fabric and then stitched, beaded, folded, or frayed.

Stephanie Wright – Ceramics

Stephanie’s distinctive body of work conveys human movement, dance, attitudes and emotions in the spirit of the 20th Century Futurists. Although people or trees may be suggested in the cut edge and swirling waves, each piece can elicit various interpretations, memories or associations. Whether for the table, the mantelpiece or the wall, each hand-thrown piece has a life of its own.