The Beehive

Official stockist of Chalk Paint™ a decorative paint by Annie Sloan

Developed over the past 20 years, Annie Sloan has created over 30 historical colours for you to use to transform your home. These paints are unique, eco-friendly, easy to apply and allow you scope for your own creativity.

Why is Annie Sloan so special?

            • No sanding, no priming, no sealing, no solvents, and no preparation required.
            • Sticks to stone, concrete, matt plastic, wicker, earthenware, wood, walls, floors, and surfaces already sealed with wax.
            • Great coverage: a litre will cover approximately 13m2.
            • Quick drying.
            • Texture can be changed to suit your project: thicken by leaving the lid off or water down for colour washing.
            • Eco-friendly: contains low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and has no odour.

The Beehive also sells Annie Sloan™ waxes, brushes, craqueleur, decoupage varnishes and Annie’s latest books in fact all you need to get you started