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What’s your intention for 2016?

Plant yours in our garden

January is the month of intention, where we’re all positively brimming with resolve about all the good things we’re going to achieve this year. What better time to plant a Wish Stick in our garden?

Wish Sticks are a simple way to bring some good medicine into your life and share it with those you love. You can pick up one from The Garden Shop or many of the other businesses in the courtyard. They’re just a £1 and all money raised goes to The Medicine Garden Foundation to support the maintenance and development of the garden.

Take your Wish Stick into the garden and wander round the wheel of trees, giving yourself a bit of time to understand the meaning of each direction. Choose the one which most strikes a chord. Write your wish or intention on the stick and make it your own with drawings, doodles, whatever you like. Plant your stick and…well, the rest is up to you.

Which direction will you take?

East – Inspiration

Burn brightly. Be inspired and inspire others. Reconnect with your passions and talents. Bring more creative fire into your life.

South East – Stillness

Be still. Still yourself and tap into all of your senses. Find time to stop and reflect. Appreciate the beauty of life and the gift of the present.

South – Wonder

Love life. Walk through the world with a sense of awe and wonder. See life as an adventure. Creatively meet the emotional highs and lows, opportunities and threats.

South West – Focus

Stay the course. Focus your efforts and keep on track. Be clear on your purpose and direction in life. Hold yourself accountable for the choices you make.

West – Nourishment

Look after yourself. Nourish yourself and nurture others. Invest in your health, wholeness and well-being. Be fit-for-purpose.

North West – Flow

Follow the flow. Feel the natural rhythms, cycles and flows of life. Tune into the interconnectedness of all things. Understand the costs and consequences of your actions.

North – Courage

Make the difference. Step forward and make the difference. Channel your resources. Give back to the world with power, decisiveness and elegance.

North East – Vitality

Be true to yourself. Embrace positivity. Keep your energy clear and bright. Protect and maintain your integrity as well as the integrity of those around you.